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website designer in london - daniel prentice

I am Daniel Prentice, a London web designer and developer. We all know to be successful; you need to provide value. I'm no different, I won't be beaten on the value I provide you with.

Website Projects

web design fashion advice website. London web designer.
website designer daniel prentice. London web designer.
boxing website design - website designer in London - daniel prentice
cleaner website design. London web designer: Daniel Prentice.
Judo club in Shepshed. London web designer: Daniel Prentice.

My Website Services

Web Design / Development

This involves: the planning, build, testing and launch of your website. I will hand code you a customized website tailored towards your business and website goals.

Domains / Emails

Research and purchase. Buying a domain without research can be disadvantageous - if the domain was previously used by a spammer etc.

I can set you up with one or multi email accounts.


I store your website files via a server; so your website can be accessed by browsers.

Google Adwords

Google adwords is an advertising platform, whereby you pay google to advertise your website via it's search engine and on other websites. I research and set up your campaigns for you.

Basic / Advanced SEO

Organic search engine optimization - every website I build contains basic on-page seo. Title, Meta tags, headings, and alternative text to name a small amount.

Advanced SEO can include ranking highly for multi-locations and languages.

Multi-Language Websites

Having a website in another language does one important thing (as well as others); it increases your potential sales. I can build you a website in over 20 languages such as: Español, French, German and Chinese to name a few.

About Myself..

I’m Daniel Prentice, a London website designer, developer and analytical thinker. I have been planning, building and launching successful websites since 2010. I research, plan, design, build, launch and then test and evaluate all websites. Your website will be up to date with the latest programming languages, latest SEO guidelines (set by google, yahoo and IE) and will be customized to the maximum to allow your website to stand out from its industry competitors. I have personally launched many websites, some on shoe string budgets to enable me to gain experience with SEO and paid marketing such as PPC. It will be my pleasure to advise you on some of the mistakes and achievements I have made in building successful websites online.

Website Design and Build

I keep up to date with the latest programming languages such as: HTML5, CSS3, PHP and Javascript to name a small amount. If your website is going to be a success - it must offer value. After our discussion on your businesses and website goals; I research your industry: gathering information on your customers, competitiors and industry trends. After doing so, I then provide you with an analysis on my findings, advising on how your website can better your competitions and provide a flawless experience for its visitors. A complete website build takes a minimiuum of 4 weeks' for completition. The more time you provide me, the better end result you will have.

6 Things Your Website Will Have

  • Fast Speed
  • Unique Look and Feel
  • Responsive To All Devices
  • On-Page SEO
  • Quick Maintenance (when required)
  • Google Analytics set-up

Web Design Client Testimonials

Andy Haines, MBE

Dan is the best of the best!

07742 868 107

web designer testimonial: andy haines - web designer london.

Alex Hend'

100% positive feedback.

0203 685 9423

web design feedback - anti-money laundering website AMLGS.com
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